Hi, I'm Emilee.

Design Philosophy

As a designer, I believe in designing and creating beautiful, functional and inspirational spaces and environments. I am truly passionate and excited about design. Design has tremendous possibilities, and I love that it can help benefit and impact the individual or collective in so many different ways.

Each project and client is unique, and I strive to approach every design opportunity with an open mind - no two projects (or clients) are alike. I like to dive in head first, ready to work collaboratively and deliver the best design solution as possible. 


Personally, I find that the best designs are ones that have been well thought out, are memorable, impactful, and focus on the details but never lose sight of the bigger picture. Attention to every little detail is important, but when all of the little details are woven together into something greater, that's when design creates the biggest impact on people's memories and experiences.